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  • Monthly dry fruit combo 8 consists of Almond, Cashew, Black Raisins and Salted Pistachios

  • Fresh & Natural

  • No preservatives, No additives, No added color.

  • Freshly packed .

  • Net weight 100 gms each

Monthly dry fruit combo 8 (Almond, Cashew, Black Raisins & Salted Pistachios)

₹460.00 Regular Price
₹450.80Sale Price
  • Almonds are highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    • Moisturizes Skin

    • Help in Digestion

    • Lower the Blood Pressure

    • Almonds Help Manage Weight

    • Helps in Boosting Bone Health

    • Brings Shine to Dull Hair

    Cashew nuts are one of the very widely used dry fruits and have many health benefits.

    • Prevents cardiovascular diseases

    • Prevents cancer

    • Helps in weight loss

    • Helps to bring extra glow to skin

    • Good for gut

    • Great for the eyes

    • Maintains nerve health

    • Boosts your energy level

    Black raisins are  the most popular variety of dried grapes, and are widely known for their sugary taste and juicy flavour. Some of the health benefits are as below.

    • Keep your Blood Free from Impurities

    • Prevents Premature Aging

    • Bring Thinning of Hair to an end

    • Keeps Anemia at Bay

    • Fight against Bad Cholesterol

    • Treat Osteoporosis Successfully

    • Keep Blood Pressure under Control

    Pumpkin seeds are edible seeds of pumpkin fruit. These flat and green coloured seeds are a ‘Powerhouse of Nutrition’. Some of the health benefits of these sweet and nutty taste seeds are as follows. 

    • Powerful Antioxidant

    • Protects from Cancers

    • Cardio-protective

    • Helps in Management of Diabetes

    • Improves Quality of Sleep

    • Immunity Booster

    • Good for Strong Bones

    • Good for Weight Loss

    • Improves the Quality of Sperm

    • Good for Prostate Health

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