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  • Monthly dry fruit combo 15 consists of  Black Raisins, Brown Raisins, Pumpkin seeds and Flax seeds

  • Fresh & Natural

  • No preservatives, No additives, No added color.

  • Freshly packed .

  • Net weight 100 gms each

Monthly dry fruit combo 15 (Black, Brown raisins, Pumpkin seeds & Flax seeds)

₹246.00 Regular Price
₹241.08Sale Price
  • Black raisins are  the most popular variety of dried grapes, and are widely known for their sugary taste and juicy flavour. Some of the health benefits are as below.

    • Keep your Blood Free from Impurities

    • Prevents Premature Aging

    • Bring Thinning of Hair to an end

    • Keeps Anemia at Bay

    • Fight against Bad Cholesterol

    • Treat Osteoporosis Successfully

    • Keep Blood Pressure under Control

    Raisins  are one of nature’s healthier alternatives to those sugar-rich manufactured candies and sweet products.

    • Reduce Acidity

    • Help In Digestion

    • Help Against Anaemia

    • Help Prevent Cancer

    • Help Reduce Sexual Weakness

    • Help Treat Infection

    • Good For The Eyes

    • Good for Dental Care

    • Good for Bones

    • Helps in Weight Management

    Pumpkin seeds are edible seeds of pumpkin fruit. These flat and green coloured seeds are a ‘Powerhouse of Nutrition’. Some of the health benefits of these sweet and nutty taste seeds are as follows. 

    • Powerful Antioxidant

    • Protects from Cancers

    • Cardio-protective

    • Helps in Management of Diabetes

    • Improves Quality of Sleep

    • Immunity Booster

    • Good for Strong Bones

    • Good for Weight Loss

    • Improves the Quality of Sperm

    • Good for Prostate Health

    Flax seeds are packed with omega-3s, fiber, protein, and more.Some of the health benefits are as below.

    • Good for heart

    • High in potent antioxidants 

    • May help lower cancer risk

    • Could give you more supple skin

    • Flaxseed fiber helps in digestion

    • Helps in weight loss

    • May curb diabetes risk

    • Might even improve hot flashes

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