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Why choose Eco- friendly Ganesha for this Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chathurthi is one such festival in India for which both kids and grown ups are equally excited to celebrate. Kids keep their books and toys at pooja and ask Ganesha for his blessings, whereas parents and other family members take care of the Ganesha idol decoration and make delicious sweets and other food items to offer ganesha as prasad.

Many begin the preparation way before the actual day and get ready for the celebration. But one thing to consider before the celebrations is, how to reduce the environmental pollution? We have an answer for this question. Switch to Eco-Friendly Ganesha idols. During the last day of Ganapathi pooja, thousands of Ganesha idols made of plaster of paris are immersed into water bodies to do the Ganesh visarjan. These plaster of paris made idols are coated with chemical filled colors and other harmful materials which in turn cause great damage to the environment.

Whereas Eco - Friendly Ganesha idols are made of clay, natural fibers, paper and other natural biodegradable materials. When immersed in water, these eco-friendly idols degrade much faster than idols made of plaster of paris and also do not pollute the environment. To help you understand better, here are 3 reasons why Eco-Friendly Ganesha is the best option.

1. Zero environmental pollution:

As mentioned earlier, compared to plaster of paris made Ganesha idols, Eco-friendly Ganesha idols are more environmentally friendly. When immersed in water they dissolve faster than plaster of paris made idols as the Eco-friendly idols are made of natural clay, paper and other biodegradable materials. Hence there is no effect on the environment.

2. No hard metals will be released into water bodies:

Unlike idols made of plaster of paris, these idols do not contaminate water with heavy metals. Idols made of plaster of paris contain harmful metals and chemicals like phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium, gypsum. They also contain mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and carbon. When the idols are immersed into water bodies, these metals and chemicals will be released into the water and even kill the fish and plants. If humans consume these metal and chemical infested fish, they can cause severe damage to various organs and even cause extreme threat to life.

3. No harmful colors and glitters:

To decorate the plaster of paris Ganesha idols, various colors and glitters are used. While handling the idols these colors might attach to hands and clothes. When inhaled, these colors and glitters may cause lung infections and even severe allergies.In the other hand, Eco-friendly idols are extremely safe to use and have none of the above mentioned risks.

Hence, consider the above mentioned points and do your part to save the environment. Bring home Eco-friendly Ganesha idols and get the blessings of Ganesha!

Ganapathi bappa moriya!

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