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Dry fruit recipes to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day

365 days in a year are not enough to show how much you adore the angel of your life. Valentine’s day is one day which helps you put all the 365 days of love you want to show in a single day! Which gives you an enormous opportunity to show your affection and adoration towards your loved one.

A lovey couple

Some show their love to their valentine through gifts, some show through their actions. But the ultimate goal is to win your Valentine’s heart one more time. We have got you covered with both ways. Check out our Gift Hampers with healthy dry fruit combos. These are affordable and a best gift for someone whom you love the most.

Like mentioned before, some want to show their love through their actions which speak louder than thousands of words. For such adorable people we want to present easy to make dry fruit recipes which can be made at home. We will help you with key ingredients and step by step process.

Nuts and Dry fruits are the perfect quick-fix food that most people depend on to fill those uninvited hunger pangs. They are not only tasty but also packed with lots of amazing health benefits. They boost immunity and help fight diseases, helps In weight loss, fights constipation, helps maintain a healthy heart, fights depression and anxiety etc. and etc. What else is the best way to steal your Valentine’s heart than cuddling and sharing their favorite dry fruit dishes?

Here are the dry fruit recipes to prepare at home with ease which can help you set the Valentine’s mood!

Tasty Dry Fruit Chikki :

Dry fruit Chikki is a staple Indian sweet, mostly consumed in winters. Almost everyone likes Chikki. There are many varieties of chikkis made with different dry fruits and ingredients. They can be made by using any nuts depending on your interest and availability. Here is one with the goodness of almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and pistachios.

The traditional chikkis are made with peanuts and jaggery syrup. Whereas for this recipe we use dry fruits, a pinch of cardamom powder for the sweet fragrance and 1 tablespoon of ghee to bring the glossy look. After the preparation, either you can cut them as small square shaped chikki or long energy bars. They can last as long as 2 - 3 weeks if stored in a neat airtight container.

Tasty and healthy dry fruit chikki

Let’s see the ingredients required and preparation method as below.

Ingredients :
Preparation Method :
  • Take the pre measured Dry fruits i.e 100 gms of Almonds, 100 gms of Cashew Nuts, 2 tablespoons of Pumpkin seeds and 2 tablespoons of Pistachios in a pan and dry roast them in a low flame for 10 minutes and keep them aside. This makes the dry fruits crunchy.

  • In a large vessel take ¼ cup of water, 200 gms of jaggery and 1 tablespoon of ghee and mix well until the jaggery completely dissolves.

  • Boil it for about 8 minute or until the syrup turns frothy.

  • Make sure the syrup is thick enough.

  • Then add the roasted dry fruits and ¼ tablespoon of cardamom powder and mix well until the syrup coats well.

  • Meanwhile take a large plate and coat it with ghee or butter.

  • Then pour the hot mixture into the plate and cover the top with a butter paper and roll it spread across the pale evenly.

  • Once the mixture is evenly spread across the plate let it cool for a minute or two.

  • Then start cutting the chikki in your desired shape when it is still hot. Because once it is completely cool, we can not cut into desired shapes.

  • Then let the chikkis cool completely then either serve them or keep them in an airtight container.

Benefits of having Dry fruit Chikki :

Dry fruit chikki helps as an instant energy source. Helps in maintaining weight. Gives a good feeling to the tummy. They are loaded with vitamin E, iron and zinc. They are also rich in fiber and contain little or no fat.

Tasty Dry fruit laddu :

Ingredients used in these laddus have amazing health benefits like almonds are good for the brain, dried dates have Fiber, calcium and iron ,ghee is rich in good fats which is very important for health. So these laddus are given to lactating mothers as well as pregnant women as nutritious food in a confinement diet. Dry fruits help to boost immunity and are a very healthy snacks option for kids as well as adults. Dry fruits laddu is one of the best ways to have dry fruits as a part of your diet.

Tasty and delicious dry fruit laddu

Dry fruits laddu is an instant and healthy laddu prepared with only dry fruits without any jaggery or sugar. This healthy laddu does not even require edible gum to form the round shape. Seedless dates are coarsely grounded to act as edible gum and to give the sweetness to this tasty, healthy laddu.

Let’s see the ingredients required and preparation method as below.

Ingredients :
Preparation Method :
  • Take 1 cup of seedless dates in a blender and dry blend around 4-5 pulses. Make sure to blend dates into large and irregularly shaped pieces and keep them aside.

  • Finely chop pistachios, Cashews, and almonds. Avoid powder them as you may not enjoy the crunchy bites of the laddu.

  • Take a frying pan and add one tablespoon of ghee.

  • Add the finely chopped pistachios, Cashews, and almonds and the brown raisins.

  • Fry the dry fruits added on a medium flame for 3-4 minutes till they change color slightly.

  • Then add the dates which are blended already.

  • Continue to fry on medium flame smashing dates with a spoon, this helps dates to mix uniformly with other dry fruits.

  • Add cardamom powder to give the sweet smell and a good taste.

  • Sauté till the dates start releasing the oil.

  • Turn off the flame and take off the pan from the stove and let it cool for a few minutes

  • Start making laddus when the mixture is still hot. If the mixture is completely cool then making perfect laddus is not possible.

  • You can now serve the tasty dry fruit laddus or store them in an airtight container.

Benefits of having Dry fruit laddus :

Helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Acts as an amazing energy source. Makes bones strong. Helps in maintaining weight. Good for healthy eyes. Raisins are a rich source of fiber content, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals. They help relieve constipation, prevent Anemia and protect your teeth.

Healthy & Tasty Dry Fruit Milkshake :

Dry fruits milkshake is a healthy, nutrient rich and tasty milkshake packed with the nourishment from super foods that include nuts and dried fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, dates and figs. This milkshake is low on fat and high on flavor.

Healthy & tasty dry fruit milkshake

It is very important to have dry fruits in our daily diet. The health benefits of dry fruits are immense as they are a rich source of essential minerals and proteins. The best way to incorporate dry fruits into your diet is by having a healthy and tasty dry fruits milkshake daily. You can add any nuts or dry fruits of your choice based on availability and taste. People who want to add an extra flavor of sweetness can add bananas to it.

Let’s see the ingredients required and preparation method as below.

Ingredients :
Preparation Method :
  • Soak the dry fruits in water for about 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Drain the water, remove the almonds skin and blend them to make little pieces.

  • Then mix cardamom powder and finely chopped dates.

  • Then add some milk and blend until the texture looks smooth.

  • Then add the remaining milk and continue to blend till all the contents are blended completely.

  • Garnish using almond flakes and serve fresh.

Benefits of having Dry fruit Milkshake :

Dry fruit milkshake acts as an instant energy source. Helps in healthy weight gain. Helps to overcome nutrition deficiency. Helps in beating sleeplessness and prevents constipation.

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Go ahead and surprise your loved one with Nature Refreshed gift hampers or make any of these recipes for them. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s day!

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