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A small step towards a greater cause!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Nature Refreshed is always committed to promote a healthy lifestyle by its natural products, such as nutritious foods or eco friendly products. We want people to experience nature through our products.

One such product line we are introducing is earthenware & terracotta products. It is an initiative from Nature Refreshed to support the local artisans who indulge in crafting beautiful earthenware and terracotta decoration items.

A small step towards a greater cause!
Introducing Terracotta Products

Pottery is one of the arts, which has its roots in some of the ancient civilizations. In this fast paced life, most of us fail to recognize the beauty and benefits of these products and the amount of effort put through by the artisans who make them. We have had a few conversations with the local artisans who make their living only by crafting and selling earthenware and terracotta products. Some of these artisans are really struggling to make their ends meet with the day to day living. Most of these artisans rely on weekly local markets to sell their products.

One of the artisans told us that he doesn't know how long their community can survive as their market is going down day by day. Some of the families have been doing it for the past few decades and are depending solely on pottery to survive. Their business has gone drastically down with the increased utilization of plastic and other products taking over earthenware.

Through these conversations we have realized that they are in dire need of a bigger and wider audience to sell their products. So we have decided to support them by showcasing their products on our platform. By doing so, we not only want to promote the local artisans' talent but also improve their living. We want to re-popularize the pottery and terracotta products and want to save the traditional crafts work.

Join us to support the talented pottery and terracotta artisans and save the traditional craft work. We are launching Earthenware and Terracotta products on 30th September 2021. Stay tuned !

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